Photo courtesy of Royse City Animal Shelter & Adoption Center



A big "Thank You" for considering adopting.  HCPA tries hard to make the adoption process as easy as possible and within a reasonable amount of time.  Before actually meeting the dog in question, there is an adoption application to be completed and returned to us to be approved.  It's a basic questionnaire that gives us a better picture of your home situation and allows us to consider you a good fit for one of our besties.  The dog being considered may NOT be a good fit, in which case, we may suggest another one be considered.  Our goal is to get each dog matched into a permanent, fur-ever home, no matter how long that takes.  

Once the application has been approved, a meet and greet will be scheduled.  This is an opportunity for you to meet the dog you are interested in adopting, as well as letting us meeting with you.  Please know that a meet and greet is not a guarantee of adoption. We need to feel good about the placement, and of course, you do as well.  Whenever possible, we ask adopters to “sleep on it” to make a decision on whether they would like to proceed with the adoption. This also gives us the opportunity to further evaluate a good fit between you and the dog.  In some instances, a decision can be made at that meeting, and the dog can go home with you.  If a second meeting is needed to introduce your current dog(s) to ours, we can gladly arrange that and help with proper introductions.  


If you feel our dog is not a good fit or you'd like to meet another one of ours, please do not hesitate to let us know.  In the end, we just want all parties to be satisfied with the results of the meeting(s). 


Finally, we appreciate your understanding and patience with our process, as we are a volunteer-based organization!


The same adoption process (see above) for the dogs, applies to the cats. 

Please Note: 

Per our cat adoption contract, cats are NOT to be declawed.  All cats are to be kept inside at all times unless an outdoor cat enclosure is available or is kept on a leash with an appropriate cat harness.  This is for the safety of the cat to keep it from not only running off but to protect it from predatory animals and any hazards if near a road or street.